Simple portfolio rebalancing

Simple Portfolio Rebalancing

SixtyForty is a tool for do-it-yourself passive investors. Use it to check your investment portfolio and decide if rebalancing is needed.

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SixtyForty was created to fill the gap between spreadsheets and online investment services. Spreadsheets, while flexible, can be fiddly and error prone. Online services, while convenient, require handing over the keys to your accounts, your data, your privacy and even your ability to make investment decisions.

SixtyForty does not require access to your accounts - data is entered manually. SixtyForty calculates asset allocation errors based on your target portfolio. This can be used to determine what rebalancing trades are needed. History plots of past entries show volatility and performance of your accounts.

SixtyForty is intended for knowledgeable do-it-yourself investors that understand the importance of asset allocation and the role of rebalancing. It is not a robo-advisor and does not provide investment advice. It won’t tell you how to structure your portfolio or when to make trades. That part - the fun part - is up to you, and likely the reason you decided to manage your own investments in the first place.

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